∞ sux

making jedibusiness help me pack over skype because i’m the worst at it

eating rice drenched in sriracha is not weird jedibusiness


2 hour portrait by imorawetz


Packing is going great

Packing is going great

I can’t wait til his shitty startup crashes and burns

and like he brags about all these job offers and shit but he’s living paycheck to paycheck in a shitty apartment with roommates and no car and he’s tried to sell me junk when he needed rent money like yeah you go make 90k a year in sf

i wanna punch this guy he’s telling me how easy it is to live in sf because all the jobs pay so much “well if [i] were a programmer” anyways and just shut up no i’d love to live in sf and i don’t wanna be a fucking programmer and 90k$ jobs are not fucking easy to find shut the fuck up omfg

This guy is such an ass. He “accidentally” texted me a random message earlier then started talking to me. He brags about job offers and tells me how easy it is to find 90k$ a year jobs as a programmer. He’s pushy as fuck and full of shit. Just go away.


I eat romantic shit up. If I were asked to just sit on a roof and look at the stars id probably internally combust


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